Thursday, December 1, 2011

Survival, Sanity, and Something Sweet

When I got up this morning I had several things on my 'to do' list.  I knew I wouldn't get them all done, but I'm proud to report that I got a good start on the list.

I decided to try something fun and different for breakfast, since my kids like over easy eggs and toast. I made 'Toad in a Hole'.  I'm still not sure why it's called that, nor am I sure that there aren't other names for it but the kids loved it.  And it's simple.  Merely cut a hole out of the center of the bread, put it in the skillet and crack an egg in the hole. Cook to your desired doneness... is that a word?   Sis decided just to pick it up and try to eat it with her hands.  That didn't last long.

Once was breakfast was over, and the kids were off to school, I decided to inventory our bug out pack.  So far I have only made one bag, and its only partially stocked. I add more items as my finances allow. Currently, I have fire starters, water, protien bars, ponchos, emergency blankets, fishing hooks, vet wrap and a whistle.  I plan on adding more first aid items, something for purifying water, more food options, a rope, a blanket, and a few other things. I also plan on making two more bags so each of us has one.  The protien bars had a 'best by' date of yesterday.  I don't know how long they stay good, but they are going to have to stay there a bit longer until I can replace them

Once that task was complete, I moved on to my office. It looked like something had exploded there.  So I went through every file folder, drawer, and surface, and tossed a giant bag full of stuff I didn't need any more. Thankfully, tomorrow is garbage day! Yikes. It sure feels good to sit here in my clean office.

Last but not least, I decided to make a sweet treat. I made the chocolate cake from the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa box.  Unfortunately, the center fell in a little and I couldn't get them out of the pans. So rather than a layer cake, we are eating one layer at a time!

I still have two rooms to get done tomorrow, and my belated spring cleaning will be done.  I feel so much better already. It's amazing what a relief it is when you clear out the clutter!


  1. That pan of cake still looks yummy! A scoop of ice cream and it would be perfect! Sounds like you had an extremely busy and productive day. I like those kinds of days.
    And I had forgotten about making eggs that way. They are really good like that. Thanks for the reminder.
    And, I am embarrassed to ask, what is a bug out pack. Oh, and the protein bars .... I have some that are nearly a year beyond date, and other than a little firmer (dried out) they are still plenty edible. Many, many items are good faaaarrr beyond the date stamped. That is generally a quality control date for stores to 'sell-by' so that it gets to the consumer in 'perfect' condition and stays that way during the average time frame it would sit in your cabinet. 'Use by' dates are very general (usually set by someone in an office, someone that didn't even have a hand in making the product) and there is a multitude of variables that affect the date, sometimes making it longer, sometimes shorter(room temp, humidity, etc.)

  2. It was pretty yummy lol. Now I'm craving ice cream to go with it! The bug out pack is an 'in case of emergency item' If there should be some sort of emergency that requires us to leave the house quickly (i.e- tornado), we grab it on the way out. It ensures that if nothing else we can stay warm, hydrated, and fed for a couple days. Well, normally. I really need to stock it up a little more. lol. Now that my son is in wrestling, might give him the protien bars and buy some new ones.

  3. That Bug Out pack sounds like a great idea! I use to keep something similar in my car (especially in the winter) in case I ever got stranded (and for hypoglycemic attacks), but I took it out once to clean the car and restock the box with fresh and, sorry to say, the box still sets here to be refilled, lol. I have put similar things together for home use, in case of a disaster, but had actually never thought of one for grabbing on-the-go in case of having to leave home. For in the car, I use a tackle box and even put those annoying, extra ketchup/mustard/sugar/etc. packets in the compartments that are in the lid, rather than have to waste them by tossing them out. It also becomes my grocery box for spur-of-the-moment camping trips.... Use, then restock with fresh ... works out great. I am going to have to get one started, now, for what you are talking about. THANKS!
    Have you done any posts on here about putting one together, beyond the mention you have here? I know I would enjoy reading a more detailed post about it.

  4. I haven't done anything about putting one together, but actually planned on doing one this week, so I'm glad to know someone will look forward to it lol. You're very welcome!

  5. We always called it "Bull's eye toast," so funny...I have heard it called so many things!! Don't forget about wool blankets...they stay warm even when wet, and you can pick them up for under 20.00 each. This is one thing that I insist upon with my kiddos. This blog looks wonderful girlie!