Friday, December 9, 2011


As the ability to buy land draws closer I've begun to develop a more certain view of what I want in my head.  That requires alot of planning, or in my case, day dreaming. I tend to take the romantic approach to planning - keeping in mind the realities involved in day to day homesteading.

The Dream: A home, built with my own two hands (and a few borrowed ones), on enough acreage to grow most of my own food.  A pasture big enough to grow the feed that it would require to nourish one or two cows year round. I want to raise a steer, pig, chickens... even milk my own cow, eventually.  I want enough room to grow enough crops to feed my family, and maybe even take some to the farmers market to sell.  I don't worry about earning a living with my homesteading, as I will soon be self employed anyway.  I want a nice wooded area on my land that can supply the wood I need to warm my house in the winter, and shield the house from the  road and the north wind.  Some flat, some gently sloping would be very nice.  A creek where a pond could be built would be nice, but isn't a requirement.

In looking at my dream, I need to really study any land I look at - for soil quality, water table, location, zoning codes, schools, and a big one for me, internet availability.  Here in rural Oklahoma it can be difficult to get anything but dial up when you live outside of city limits.  This may be negotiable though if I find the perfect piece of land.

As I research the various components of my dream, and hunt for land I will keep you posted.  Let the journey begin.


  1. We have land here in Kansas for sale, but the prices are a bit high.

    As for internet, have you checked on Pixius? They specialize in rural internet. I use them.

    Good luck finding that dream homestead.

  2. Thanks Phelan. I took a drive in the country on the way home, just looking around, and of course, dreaming lol I haven't tried Pixius. I'll have to look into that. Thanks.