Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Haircut at Home

Yesterday I decided that I just couldnt take it anymore!  My son's hair was driving me crazy. He wanted to keep it longer but it just looked... well, AWFUL.  I decided I wasnt going to pay someone to trim it and leave it long when I had scissors at home. Heck if I messed it up too badly, I have clippers here too!



And the coup de gras? He actually liked it!  Too bad, I really wanted to get my clippers out. hehe.  I also gave myself a trim, which turned out fairly well.  My daughter, however, declined and is holding out for my regular stylist to cut it.  Maddening, since all she needs is a trim. She doesn't even have bangs! lol.   Oh well,

Haircuts in a salon $30
Haircut at home   $0
Money saved  $30

Think we'll start saving money on haircuts more often. 


  1. That looks very nice (and such a handsome boy!) That wispy look on him looks good. And such a beautiful smile!

    And I agree, you can save an enormous amount on the simpler cuts by doing them at home. And now we have the advantage of youtube tutorials that really help show us how.

  2. Thanks, Anna. He's a pretty great kid.

    Funny, I never thought to look on youtube! I'm learning to groom dogs and figured if I can cut a dogs hair, I can cut his too lol. Youtube, here I come!

  3. LOL! Grooming dogs .... oh, how I could use your help on that rescue dog I recently took in! My dogs are super short-haired Boxers, so grooming hasn't been something I am use to. This dog's mats are so bad that I am having to just cut the ends of them off and let them grow to cut more later (matted all the way to the skin). Now he looks like he has dread locks! It is appearing that he is a Miniature Schnauzer. I will be posting an update on him, soon. Good luck on Youtube... I am using it right now to improve my knitting skills.

  4. Oh that poor baby! You may want to take him in to a groomer for a strip down. The problems with severe matting BESIDES the discomfort to the dog can include fungal and bacterial growth, hot spots, infections, open wounds. Some sorts of mats can be worked out using a high velocity dryer after bathing, but I wouldn't try that at home. Most mats will get worse with bathing. Sounds like he just needs a good all over clip and start over.